Rasprava o fizioterapeutskoj djelatnosti u Europskoj komisiji-više o tome....
subota, 28. veljača 2015 00:00
Predsjednica HKF sudjeluje na sastanku u Europskoj komisiji

 Dana 06. ožujka 2015., gđa. Mirjana Grubišić, predsjednica Hrvatske komore fizioterapeuta će aktivno sudjelovati u Brussels-u na sastanku koordinatora zemalja članica EU, a u organizaciji Europske komisije na temu:

Mutual evaluation of regulated professions

Overview of the regulatory framework in the health sector
on the example of physiotherapists



Points for discussion

1) Countries that have not provided the national reports and/or screening and proportionality information are expected to do so at the meeting before following up with their report.

2) Some countries indicated that a referral from the doctor is needed for the physiotherapists to intervene (or for the patient to get reimbursement from the obligatory insurance) while in other countries physiotherapists can be consulted directly and formulate themselves the diagnosis. Countries that have not provided this information are invited to do so at the meeting.

3) Countries that regulate the physiotherapeutic activities by way of protecting the professional title without reserves of activities are invited to share with the others why they consider this type of regulation sufficient in terms of health protection/patient safety. Conversely, countries with reserves of activities are invited to explain whether they have considered the use of less restrictive means, such as protecting the professional title.

4) Countries which require the completion of mandatory traineeships/state examinations or mandatory membership in professional organisations are invited to share their points of view as to the necessity of these requirements.

5) Some countries indicated that they only regulate the publicly-funded physiotherapeutic services (Ireland, Poland) while some others insist that the same level of regulation applies to all the professionals no matter the setting in which they provide their services. The countries that have not provided this kind of information are invited to do so and everyone is invited to discuss the issue of consistency with regard to safeguarding the public interest in this context.

6) Countries with a large scope of the reserved activities are invited to share whether they would consider granting partial access to the profession if such request was made.

7) Countries who have indicated reform or upcoming reviews are invited to discuss the issues identified as well as the options for address considered in relation to these issues. Wherever possible, reference to relevant studies/analysis would be appreciated.




Svjetska konfederacija za fizikalnu terapiju prepoznaje Hrvatsku komoru fizioterapeuta kao jedino ovlašteno tijelo za fizikalnu terapiju u Hrvatskoj. 

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